FAQ about the Stupid Car Tray

What is the Stupid Car Tray and how does it work?

The Stupid Car Tray is a mini-table with two legs on one end, that will level the seat next to you and add small storage and non-slip features. It can also be used as a lap table for passengers.

You simply place the Stupid Car Tray on the seat (legs towards the back). You can also install straps that will both secure the tray to the seat via the seatbelt, and secure items to the top of the tray.

Do I need special tools to install the Stupid Car Tray?

No. No special tools are required. If you need help installing the straps, you can view a demo video here.

Where is the Stupid Car Tray made?

The Stupid Car Tray is manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturing partner is a 3rd generation injection molding company in Illinois.

What if I want to return the Stupid Car Tray?

You may request a FREE return shipping label. Submit a request here. We will process your return within 24hrs and send you a refund upon receipt of the returned tray. You may return within 30 days of receiving your product.

How fast do you ship?

Our shipping is fast (we send out within 24hrs). States surrounding Illinois in the midwest, arrival is usually within 2-3 days. For other states in the continental USA, shipping time is typically between 3-7 days.  

How do you clean the Stupid Car Tray?

Although the tray is dishwasher safe, we recommend simply wiping the tray with a soft cloth and general household spray cleaner, such as 409. Too many cycles in a dishwasher begins to deteriorate the grippy rubber around the tray, so hand washing is the way to go.

How many can I order?

You can place small orders through our website (1-20). If you would like a larger order please contact us here.

What are the dimensions of the Stupid Car Tray?

17.5" long x 12" wide x 4.5" tall on the side with legs

Why is it called "stupid"?

We gave our very first prototype to a friend to try for a couple days. When she got back to us, the first thing she said was, "Well, it's stupidly obvious and I love it. I want two more for my kids and other car." We thought that was a pretty awesome statement, so we kept the name :)